Each Christmas, David Godsey and I take a group of single moms shopping at Toys-R-Us, one group in Houston, and another in Dallas. Here, one of our amazing single moms couldn’t make it in to shop because she’d just had a surgical procedure. Like any good mom, she wasn’t deterred. She sent her children with her sister to come get the gift certificate and shop. She and I got to meet over FaceTime, while she was in the hospital. Obviously, we salute her!


This year we honored President Obama during the final days of his Presidency. I had to join in and do my part. President Obama was an inspiration for me, and for all Americans. I love this country and I have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve in leadership roles. But, I especially appreciate those who break through historical barriers to do so.


We spend every Martin Luther King Holiday celebrating the legacy of Dr. King with the community. In 2016, we had the great DJ Holiday on our float. Here, in 2017, we had the legendary DJ Whoo Kid and all of our family. We had a great day with the good people of Dallas Fort Worth.


My happiest moments are spent with clients and with the community. They bring me joy, especially the kids. Here, I get to spend some time with our guests during the shopping spree. Enjoy!