Hate Pays… And Hate Pays Good!

by Justin Martin August 11, 2017
hate pays good

If you want to make someone known, the easiest thing you can do to them is HATE and hate pays! Whenever you’re hating on someone, you’re actually helping them out. It amazes me everyday that people are still thinking that hating on someone else is harming them. Hell, take a look at our president, he’s the “president hate elected”.  He created hate and that put him in the White House.

Take a look at Floyd Mayweather, the man is a brilliant marketer, in my opinion. I mean, racism exists but Floyd plays it up man! He’s knows that if he can create hate, the households that hate him, they’re going to buy the fight! Those same households are going to probably make Floyd two, three, four times as much money as that white dude and he’s talking about racism!

Look, hate is probably one of the most counterproductive things you can do because you think you’re bringing someone down, but you’re probably lifting them up.

Hate pays and it pays damn good!