hurricane harvey relief justin the lawyer

#DFWforHTOWN Hurricane Harvey Relief

by Justin Martin September 14, 2017 BLOG, COMMUNITY

Last week, we filled up an 18 wheeler full of water, toiletries, canned goods and for hurricane relief and made our way down I-45 to help the citizens of Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey. I thank each and every one of you from DFW that showed up this week. A post

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hate pays good

Hate Pays… And Hate Pays Good!

by Justin Martin August 11, 2017 BLOG, JUSTINISMS

If you want to make someone known, the easiest thing you can do to them is HATE and hate pays! Whenever you’re hating on someone, you’re actually helping them out. It amazes me everyday that people are still thinking that hating on someone else is harming them. Hell, take a

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Respect Is Earned, Not Given

by Justin Martin July 13, 2017 BLOG, JUSTINISMS

I was asked whether I believed that respect is earned and not given in life and my answer is simple. Yes… and let me share with you my reasoning of this belief. My wife and I went on a safari in Africa and there was a lion in the area. The lion

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dont be a broker entrepreneur

Don’t Be A Broke Entrepreneur

by Justin Martin June 23, 2017 BLOG, JUSTINISMS

Being an inspiring entrepreneur is not easy, especially if you start of as a broke entrepreneur. The process of becoming an entrepreneur requires an individual to be prepared for anything and many people aren’t prepared for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I’m certainly not dissing the people out there trying to be

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Live Life For You, Stop Living For People

by Justin Martin June 19, 2017 BLOG, JUSTINISMS

Everyone only has one life and it is important to live your life for you, stop living for people. For example, In school they told us what they wanted us to do.  We took Math. We took English. We took Science. By the time you get to your senior year

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Stay Loyal To Your Money, Think Smart & Not Hard

by Justin Martin May 22, 2017 BLOG, JUSTINISMS

Money runs the world and sometimes it can be challenging to stay loyal to your wallet. Depending on the situation, handling your money can appear more challenging than expected. Furthermore, it is essential to try to handle your money accordingly and not distribute it improperly. Even celebrities may encounter issues

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It’s Better To Provide Than Always Be Present

by Justin Martin April 10, 2017 BLOG, JUSTINISMS

I’m not sure that people really understand that leaving a “village” is the only way that we can succeed. Dealing with people these days, it doesn’t click to them. The only way that you can grow is if you leave the “village”.  You will notice that people choose the person that’s

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